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How to take measurements and find your Rosa Danza’s size

Check out what your "Rosa Danza" size is, according to our table. It only requires a few minutes and a tape measure.

1) depending on the item, take these measurements (in cm):

BREAST CIRCUMFERENCE take the measurement at its widest point

WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE take the exact measurement of your waist

HIPS CIRCUMFERENCE: take the measurement at the height of the most protruding part

LEG LENGTH:take the measurement starting from the waist down to the ground

2) compare your measures with those inside the table and discover which size fits better for you

For a skirt: its length corresponds to the measure between the waist and the knees otherwise shorter or longer at your pleasure.

For pants/trousers: we need the measure of your total height, as well as that of your leg length.

How to properly take measurements        
Size Chard